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4 Woods Street

School Number: 3976

Principal: Sheryl Herben 
SC President: Jon Fuller

Yaapeet Primary School is a small rural school with a proud history of providing education for generations of residents in Yaapeet and District for over 96 years. Our purpose is to provide a friendly and caring environment that engages students to work towards achieving their personal best in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation.  The Yaapeet Primary School assists students become valued members of the community.

We strive to provide a purposeful teaching and instruction setting where students;

Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate

School Values are;
Respect, Honesty, Persistence and Achieving Personal Bests.

All of these are qualities are ones that will hold us in good stead for life.

Things about our school that parents, kids and community members say;

The sandpit is huge! We can dig giant holes.
We’ve got a really big playground.  There is bush to play games in too.
We go on great excursions. We’ve been to Canberra, Tasmania, Aierys Inlet and we’re going to Mount Buller.
We have our own personal laptops and cameras with Internet access.
We have lots of resources.
We’re part of a cluster of schools from Rainbow, Jeparit, Beulah and Hopetoun.
You’re allowed to make cubbies at recess and lunchtime with lots of things. I play with everyone there.
We value sport and do something active every day.
We have excellent videoconferencing facilities and iPads.
We’re making a vegie garden.
We’ve got school pets.
Everyone is welcome
To finish the year we have a big concert at the Community centre.
We have awesome uniforms.
We visit the hospital patients and help with Meals on Wheels.

We have kids who plan on attending Yaapeet Primary School next year come to the school in the mornings one day per week for nearly the whole year.

Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Resilience & Getting Along
are five qualities which we attempt to nurture and develop at the Yaapeet Primary School.

In order for anyone to be able to work independently on work and stay on task for an activity and also in order for us to learn new skills and knowledge, it is vital that we are able to;

Be confident, in beginning new work or continuing with work, especially when it’s difficult.
Be persistent, complete the task even when the work is frustrating or boring.
Be organised, in our management of work.
Get along and work cooperatively with others, by managing conflict and anger and following important rules.
Be resilient, nurture the ability to keep perspective, stay calm and bounce back.

These qualities are important to ensure success not only in school but in life.

Sheryl Herben
Yaapeet Primary School